How can you maintain mental balance?

Has it ever happened to you that you felt completely overwhelmed with joy but within a minute someone spoiled your mood with unpleasant news? Maybe one day you got up with a smile on your face but as it turned out you spilt a cup of coffee on your shirt or you set your alarm on the wrong time, got to work late because of traffic jams and on top of that your boss was already in a bad mood? Or maybe when you got back home, the children were crying, there was nothing to eat in the fridge and you felt that you can’t handle it all.

These are usually examples of when we get into a bad mood and then it’s difficult for us to remain in harmony with ourselves. In our daily life, especially if we have a family or a job, we have to constantly deal with a series of various unforeseen events that causes a change in our mood. It’s not possible for most of us to create a sterilised harmonious atmosphere as in a Buddhist monastery or a convent. On the other hand, it only seems to us, on the outside of the monastery that there are no boorish monks, unpleasant events or unwashed dishes. What makes a difference for monks is the state of mind to deal with all of that chaotic existence. Coming back to the accumulation of stresses in our daily life, it’s hard not to link events together. Especially with the negative events we have a tendency to interpret them together, forming in most of cases a ticking time bomb. It seems to us that the day is already lost when we start out on the wrong foot, when we don’t catch the tram or when something unexpected and unpleasant happens.

Fragment from: Kasia Wezowski, How to Reduce Stress with Emotional Management Method, New Vision, 2012