Kava root – anti-depressant or just a drug?

It was in Miami 4 years ago where I had an experience to drink kava for the first time. And it was in a real kava bar!
I went into the kava bar because the decor reminded me the Amazonian jungle and asked what do they serve here.
The only thing they had was kava drink. So I took kava. After tasting my kava we got busy with my husband and that’s why I didn’t really noticed the effect. Maybe it was because I wasn’t aware that there will be any effect. I checked later on the leaflet that kava has relaxing properties.

Because I like to study what I drink so the next day I read more about kava and in two days after an intensive training, here I am again in the same bar. This time I took time not only to drink kava but also to observe the effects. And it felt amazing! After 2-3 minutes all my muscles completely relaxed and I started having a feeling of pleasure as after having a good nap or during a meeting with best friends. I had this feeling the whole evening and probably the day after because I had no stress when we were packing and taking the plane to Europe. Everything was going very smoothly.

I tried before various techniques to relax muscles after a training: relaxation cds, running, meditation but this one was the quickest.
So the first impulse I had was to search for kava on internet and buy me some for home. I read also that kava has anti-depressant properties and I had a vision that maybe this is a perfect remedy to stop feeling stressed at all! The research on kava lead me also to interesting conclusions of some scientists who compared the effects of kava to Prosac. The only disadvantage was that some people suffer from liver problems when they drink too much kava. One person drunk it 3 times a day and after two month had a total liver dysfunction. We don’t know whether he had some liver problems before anyway. This was a red light for me that might be a danger in drinking kava, especially that you may become addicted. Now you know how to deal with stress on your own, even though sometimes you need half a hour or two hours to overcome stress, or 5 days. When you would drink kava, the effect is experienced in 3-5 minutes. But what about the essence of being yourself with all that it takes. How about the feeling of being you, even with all those struggles and stress. What would you loose to be so positive all the time? I felt that I would loose an important part of myself with my own sense of reality.

The kava indeed has some advantages and this is a beverage that people in Hawaii and Fiji drink on social gatherings to have a nice athmosphere. This I can understand that instead of wine or other attractions with your friends, you can drink kava. This is something completly different than drinking kava completely on your own as a remedy for feeling blues. I believe that it’s better to be conscious of your stress and find ways to deal with it instead of watering it with kava.
By the way that very great evening I experienced the effects of kava, I didn’t answer on time to a good business proposal. I was to relax to bother checking the email more carefully…Maybe without kava I would be more stressed but more alert.
So drink your kava carefully and don’t loose things that are important to you!