We cannot function properly, when we don’t eat properly.

When your organism receives the wrong type of food it becomes sick. Becoming fat is only the side effect of being sick because in this way our body shows us that it cannot manage the quantity or the quality of food.

Proper nutrition is our first law. Small babies cry when we neglect their nutritional needs. Many adult people forget to take care of themselves and listen to the body and they feed themselves with the most artificial items to satisfy their ego.

How many times we eat not from the nutritional need but emotional hunger?

How far are we going the get by doing this?

In this way we can only create more emotional hunger when we finally become fat and sick.

Is that worth all the unhealthy crazy eating and getting stuffed by artificial food?

Let’s come back to nature.

I eat only food that is natural: everything that grows.

I don’t eat food with labels.

Vegetables, fruits and grains are perfect for me.

No greasy and fried food, only fresh or cooked vegetarian food with natural light dressings.

The advantages:

  • plenty of energy and inspiration every day
  • almost never get sick
  • having a body that you want
  • great skin and bright eyes
  • you can eat as much as you want

Did you know that when eating only natural foods you cannot get fat?

You can always eat as much as you want and you will be always in good shape.

Did you know that big portions of food can make you slim fast:

  • you can eat a huge lentil soup 6 times a day and still get slimmer
  • you can eat as much salad as you can and still get slimmer
  • you can eat as much rice as you like and still get slimmer
  • you can eat tones of apples and still get slimmer
  • you can eat plenty of cooked vegetables and still get slimmer



It’s not about how much you eat but what you eat that is important.

You don’t need to cut the amount of calories, you just need to find the healthy sources of calories and stay all happy eating as much as you like.