Are you excited about your life? A good test would be to check this for 7 days: How do you feel when you wake up? Which days do you feel that life makes sense and you’re waiting for a day to come? Which days do you just want to survive? Do you have weekend syndrome – that you wait for the weekend and feel excited only when you wake up on a Saturday and Sunday morning? Or maybe there is a special activity or event you are waiting to arrive for the whole week?

For many years I did things that others wanted me to do. And I’m still sometimes not sure what I want for myself and what others want me to do. There are so many expectations that we inherit from our parents, that we sense from our culture and society, expectations from our family, loved ones and friends, and business partners. It is easy to forget what it was that you really wanted and what your core values are and the task you really wanted to accomplish to begin with. I do a lot of things because I get used to doing them. And many things I do well because I have years of practice. You can search my bio that I’ve done many more things than I needed to in order to have a good curriculum. Just in case. So that I could please different people and survive if for some reason I would need to change my career. I have 3 Master’s degrees: in Law, Psychology and Social Anthropology. All my life I did many things at the same time that other people did in a decade. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything. Did I feel satisfied with doing so many things? Not at all. It was better than doing nothing, but I did not often feel the real connection with my soul, with my true self.

How do you discover your true passion? Is passion associated with the pleasure of doing what one wants? Not always. It may be misleading, because sometimes following your passion causes you to work hard. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to deal with the obstacles we encounter along the way. So “passion” is maybe not the best word to describe what this realization of yourself is really about. A better word would be your true calling. It doesn’t need to be devotional. It’s just what you feel like when you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. When all the dots seem to connect. When there is an inner desire to dedicate your time doing it. When you forget about the time passing by. When you don’t think about money, fame or what other people think about you. You just do your thing. You feel grounded. You feel butterflies in your stomach. Or maybe you feel excited or peaceful. You just know in your own way that this is it.

I have some passions in my life, my true callings. I always love to explore spirituality and meditation. Even though I still didn’t master a meditation practice and there are times when I don’t meditate at all for long periods of time. Sometimes meditation is hard. I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. My back hurts. Still I keep coming back to it because it feels like home. Another passion is to work with other people to help them grow. When I’m working with another person coaching or mentoring them, I feel connected with myself. I don’t feel the time flow. Even though I’m aware of the time we have for the meeting, it’s not the time that I’m waiting for to pass. It’s time to grow for my client and for me. It’s eternity. It’s a miracle when everything is moving, changing, fluctuating, connecting.

People do a lot of things that they don’t want to do. What are they afraid of if they quit? They might lose money, face or comfort. They might not be able to buy new stuff if they don’t earn money to pay for it. So what? Is your money more important or your life? How much money do you actually need to survive? Still, when you make space to be who you are, you will find the way to get through the difficult moments of transition and grow on a new level. When you insist on doing only things that feel right for you, you will grow and find a way to make money out of it.